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       Dear Customers!

OBERON SERVICE POLAND is a dynamic and innovatory enterprise. The Company's range of products include the most up-to-date medical diagnostic systems. By virtue of our wide knowledge and highly qualified staff our Company has attained a high reputation in the medical technics market. We offer our clients a wide range of diagnostic devices for professional nonlinear analysis.

OBERON diagnostic devices are based on spectral analysis screw magnetic fields in living organisms providing full analysis of the patient's health condition or initiatory signals of the appearance of pathological symptoms.

We offer a range of purchase plans to provide the right solution to each of our client's needs. These include service, wide technical assistance appropriate guarantees.
We adapt the programs to the doctors needs (in English, Russian, Polish). Being of possession of all the necessary files from the producer we are able to translate the Metapathy into any other language (or supply all the necessary means to do that).

We own all the data bases and the containments of products like: VISION, Dr NONA, California Fitness, VITA LINE etc. On the clients commission we can also establish a personal database of a product.

It is possible to receive the description of a program in Polish (this option is only not possible with the Metapathy).

It is possible to take personally part in a course, which will teach you how adapt the program to your needs. This way you will also avoid an overload of your patient's information data or add new things which are not included in the standard version.

While rendering our services we put our customer's satisfaction on the very first place. If you have any additional questions please contact us by phone or e-mail us. We also advice you to have a look on the forms listed at Software and Service. You can count on us and our honest and reliable information.

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